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1/1 Upcycled Corset Long-Sleeve Blouse

1/1 Upcycled Corset Long-Sleeve Blouse


This upcycled blouse is a 1 of 1 design that was created entirely out of repurposed fabric. It features a unique pleated collar, satiny textured sleeves, and a full lace-up corset back that allows for an adjustable fit. 


Our upcycling process ensures that no two garments are the same, making this blouse a true one-of-a-kind just like you. Kindly note that everything is made out of pre-loved materials, which means that some fabrics may have minor imperfections — but that's what makes them perfect <3 


Adjustable fit
Lace-up back
Button-up front closure
Best for size XS


Armsleeve length (from shoulder seam to bottom hem): 22 inches
Shoulder width (measured across the back):  13.5 inches
Front length: 23.5 inches
Back length: 24 inches 

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