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New wave coming June 2024

We're an upcycling brand that honors self-expression, material restoration, and an alternative approach to consumption. Inspired by our founders' love for nature and artistic freedom, we specialize in one-of-one upcycled clothing and accessories.

All of our upcycled designs — even the packaging they're shipped in — are handmade by us from discarded materials that are sourced from secondhand shops and recycling centers.

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to transform discarded objects or materials into items of higher quality and value


Step into our creative lab of upcycled fashion, Experyments, where we test new upcycling techniques and play with different fabrics and textures. Here, we discover innovative ways to transform pre-loved materials into unique designs.

Follow our journey on the Experyments Instagram page, where we share these creative ventures with our community, inviting your feedback and making you a part of our larger creation process. This cycle of experimentation and interaction fuels the heart of Yvonne and Mitchel, ensuring each piece is crafted with both creativity and a keen awareness of your desires.

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